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Start your mornings off with a healthy, hardy, and energizing mediterranean feast. These can also be light but satisfying and are usually made with the freshest ingredients.

Black Tea : English Black Tea

  Why is it that desert is on my mind every night after dinner? All day long I can go on without any sweets but in the evening I get a sweet tooth attack.  I give into satisfying my sweet … Continue reading

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Recipe for Making Dough : Quick & Easy

Where ever we are & whatever we are doing the conversation always turns about food, fitness and diets.  It seems that more and more people are interested in eating healthy & cooking  homemade meals. A friend of mine said to … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Favorite Fava Beans: Foul Muddammas

It is not uncommon in the Middle East to have beans for breakfast.  Foul Muddammas is Fava bean,  it is eaten by many in various ways.   The fava bean is soaked overnight and cooked next morning.  But today this method … Continue reading

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